Hiroko Otake & Paola Masi
Megumi Ogita Gallery,Tokyo, Japan

12 octubre - 2 noviembre 2012

MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY held a joint exhibition of Hiroko Otake and Paola Masi.

?Paola Masi?
“I throw on a kick wheel with stoneware and porcelain, an ongoing creative process where the final result is a product of my inner state. I look for pure essential form as a canvas for my glazes .I am not looking for something new, I am moved by the real essence underlying all things .This making is a listening, a mirror of my inner world.”

Otake and Masi had a chance meeting in Spain last year and found out “affinity” of their works to overcome the difference of
a race, an age and have a great respect for traditional materials and techniques.
They put their value on the feel of the material which has something with a powerful atmosphere.
This exhibition reminds us of deep impression on the real experience.

Paola(born in Italy) learned Ceramic Art in various countries. Now she has the studio in Spain.
Her simple, beautiful work is like Minimal Art to seek ultimate beauty.
They also gives us the warmth of her hands.

In this exhibition, Hiroko Otake release about 20 works including a large-scale work over 4m.
Paola Masi release selected 12 ceramic works as a masterpiece.
We could be in the same time, same space filled with universal Affinity.